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New for 2012, WFF is working together with Porter Broughton of Teton Valley, ID to offer handmade doors that are as handsome as they are sturdy.  Porter has been producing specialty doors and shipping them nationwide for over 30 years. His shop was the place where I was introduced to fine woodworking, and where the foundations for WFF were laid.  It is very exciting to be working together again!  We are producing two main types of door:

Board and Batten

A good-looking style with links to the Craftsman/Arts & Crafts design movement of the 20th century, this is a good choice for new construction or renovations to houses built in the past 50 years or so.

  • Solid wood construction with durable mortise and tenon joinery and attractive pegging.
  • Available in a wide variety of species and in salvaged/reclaimed woods, depending on availability of stock.
  • Variations include curved or arched top rails, insulated glass for exteriors, and side lights or transom lights.
  • Interior doors are 1 3/8″ thick, exterior doors 1 3/4″ thick, custom thicknesses available.  Width and height to order.
  • Exterior doors available as slabs only, or fully jambed with white oak or black locust thresholds, premium weatherstripping, and sweeps.
  • Interior doors available as slabs only, or pre-hung with jambs.
  • Volume discount for larger orders.

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lock rail detail  bottom rail detail  Douglas fir door

 Traditional Frame and Panel Doors:

As American as apple pie, this is the door you want if your house dates to the 18th or 19th century, or if it is a colonial reproduction home meant to look like one from that era.

  • Solid wood construction in species that have traditionally been used for doors: eastern white pine, yellow poplar, and butternut.
  • Authentic “through-mortise” and tenon joints secured by pegs, and a hand-planed finish.  That’s right, no sanding here- prior to assembly, we use a bench plane to go over each piece and give it that smooth, undulating surface that makes such a difference in the way the finished product looks and feels.
  • Colonial doors are thinner than modern doors, often right around 1″ thick.  Not only do they have to be thin to look right, they have to be thin to work right.   Hardware appropriate for an older home (like thumb latches) typically calls for a thinner door.  So does the build-up of the door casings and door jambs;  usually, the configuration of these pieces that form the door opening make the use of a thicker modern door cumbersome.
  • Fine old homes undergoing restoration are commonly missing a few doors here and there- we can generate reproduction copies of your original doors to fill in the blanks.
  • Interior and exterior designs from plain-jane to high-brow to suit the character of your home. Flat panel or several types of raised panel, stiles and rails square-edged or with a moulded profile.
  • Doors (and everything else) were almost always painted in the old days- we offer our doors pre-primed, or custom-painted in the color of your choice, or raw if you prefer.
  • Available as door slabs, or with jambing.
  • Volume discount for larger orders.

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doorpairweb  midrailweb  doors in the shop        midrail detail


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