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Mike at the bandsaw

  • Estimates and consultation within reason are free.
  • I typically work on a “time-and-materials” basis, with a shop rate of $45.00/hr., although I don’t adhere to that strictly and will gladly provide a quote if preferred.  (For T&M, I provide a good faith estimate- an educated guess at what the project will cost.   The client understands that they might have to pay more- but by the same token, if the project goes quickly, they might pay less, as they are only paying for the time I actually spent.  A quote is more like a price tag- the client has the security of knowing what the cost will be at the outset, but will still pay full price even if the project takes less time than predicted.)
  • In general, I require a deposit to cover materials and the balance is due upon completion. For smaller jobs with relatively low material costs, a deposit may not be required.
  • Lead times vary depending on what is going on in the shop at any given time — contact me for a play-by-play of the action.
  • I like to barter, so any ideas for trading will be enthusiastically entertained.
  • Watershed Discount: This is a tip-of-the-hat to local clients. Residents of the White River watershed receive a 5% discount on time charge.

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