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Unfinished Business

by mikemcdonnell · 27 February 2012


Here is a pic of the new bar ensemble at the Foxstand Inn in Royalton, VT.  It has a paneled front with corbels that support the mahogany bar (the bar top is the same one that was in the old Foxstand- I re-fitted it for this incarnation).  Around the corner to the right (in the back of the photo) there is a top-and-bottom double swing door that allows servers to come and go to the dining room.  The only thing missing is the jukebox.


Also:  back in August I built a nice trestle table for an equally nice family whose vacation house is down on Cape Cod.  When the table was completed and ready for delivery, both of our cameras were MIA (darn kids!).  At this point the only pic of the table that I have is this one, grabbed as a still from a Flip video.  I hope to get better shots of it at some point.  At any rate, the table is built of reclaimed hemlock, salvaged from the walls of a plank house in Vermont.  It measures 36w x 80L x 30h and features breadboard ends on the top, with a through-tenoned stretcher beneath secured by opposing maple wedges.  Voids in the tabletop surface were filled with an amber resin epoxy and the finish is one million coats of satin polyurethane over an initial application of Danish oil.







An L-shaped section of cherry bathroom cabinets, taken at the shop prior to installation.  When the plumbing fixtures and painting in the room is complete, I’ll get some portfolio shots.







Here’s a soft-maple kitchen island that i built in January.  The client had some cherry planks that they had harvested from their property, and i was able to use them to construct the breadboard-style top.  Can’t wait to see what color paint they choose!









Today I wrapped up my work on a staircase in Rochester VT.  The cherry treads will get a few coats of urethane finish, and then the salvaged newell post, balusters, and handrail will be repainted.  Finished pictures eventually.

















Another work in progress photo:  this one of a short section of cabinets i built for some friends.  They are built mostly of soft maple, with flush beaded door panels of poplar.  The drawers align horizontally with a beautiful slant front granite sink.  The pic was taken before the dishwasher was in.  I saw red!

2 Comments on “Unfinished Business”

  1. rickscully Says:
    5 October 2009 at 4:43 am

    Wow! It is cool to see this materialise from a Google Sketchup to such a beautifully crafted piece of art! Well done, Mike!

  2. Brian Hetzel Says:
    14 February 2011 at 6:41 am

    Wow…I had no idea you rocked out like this. Your stuff is incredible. Well done, eiiiigh (that’s a Kenyan/Canadian mash-up)

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